History and achievements

VoIPTime company was founded in Lviv 2009, Ukraine, by a group of like-minded developers with the aim of creating the best IP telephony and contact centre solution on the market. Today, VoIPTime is a professional team of software developers, system administrators, analysts, support professionals and managers.

Continuous improvement of the Cloud

Throughout its existence VoIPTime contact centre solution has been continually improving to meet the demands of both fast-growing market for contact centre solution and customers. At the end of 2009 the first version of software – i.e. VoIPTime Contact Centre Basic – was developed and released. Considering market growth and accumulated pool of client requests in 2011, the functionality was improved dramatically and a new version – i.e. VoIPTime Contact Centre Blending – was released. This made it possible to meet the needs of the customers in a multifunctional product.

The 2015 release of a new VoIPTime Contact Centre v.2 includes the following enhancements:

  • greatly extended functionality of web chat processing;
  • configurable user roles;
  • configurable visibility of client card’s fields;
  • comments added to client cards;
  • dynamic fields on client cards supported;
  • interface optimization etc.

The latest trends in the market and requests for a new functionality provided the impetus for introducing changes into Blending version. VoIPTime company has always deferred to its customers’ opinion and fostered the creation of the necessary services. The users of the Cloud benefit greatly from these innovations. Besides, VoIPTime company sticks to the internal plan of system development drawn up quarterly where SaaS solution holds it rightful place. Some of our development achievements are laid out in the news.

Our own developments

VoIPTime company not only produces around 2-3 releases a year, but also continually develops and extends its funtionality for contact centers. For instance, in September, 2014 Workforce time management system was implemented into VoIPTime Contact Centre which not only simplifies the work supervisors do, but also prevents job scheduling mistakes.

We have developed Web Chat which makes it possible to process the requests from both authorised users and unathorized website visitors. Another option allowing to initiate a chat session with the customer or several customers (i.e. parallel chats) is available as well. Also, you can swap the files and forward a live chat session to another available operator.

The VoIPTime products

API-interface has been developed dramatically. Our software engineers created a special feature for dispatching system events, i.e. EvenDispatcher which allows any internal event to be flexibly configured with the required configuration format, and passed to external systems. This service facilitates VoIPTime Contact Centre integration with other systems.

Back in 2014, we created the service, i.e. Collection, enabling to organise the logic of dealing with debtors. This functionality is highly popular among banks and debt collection agencies. The main advantage lies in its flexible filters allowing to quickly create the base of debtors with a certain number of payment promises, debt amount, etc.

In 2015, VoIPTime team successfully started using Yandex.SpeechKit technology which makes it possible to turn the text into the voice and reproduce it in the IVR-script.

VoIPTime worldwide

In order to be in the forefront of the IP telephony industry, we are constantly taking part in trade shows, conferences, and other events. VoIPTime representatives have participated in conferences both in Ukraine and abroad. For example, in September, 2015 we attended an International Grand Forum “Around Data Center. Around Cloud. Around IP. Business and IT” held in Minsk, Belarus. Our goal is to go ahead and keep up-to-date so that we can provide our clients with the latest software solutions for IP telephony and contact centres.

Our experience allows us to undertake research and share the knowledge with the audience interested in call centers. We are constantly providing our customers with consultation and train managers, operators, supervisors, and organise webinars as well.

Are you interested in getting more information about VoIPTime Contact Centre? Phone or write to us. We are always happy to answer your questions and clarify the steps for optimizing your performance with the help of VoIPTime Contact Centre solution!