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Bank case of VoIPTime Contact Center implementation


one of the biggest banks in Ukraine.

Identifying the problem:

Initially, a contact centre of the bank was based on Asterisk and auxiliary systems for outbound dialing, recovery, and SMS messaging. The use of several programs proved to be inconvenient and time-consuming; website requests filled up mailbox, then they were imported manually into a database, and handled. As a result, a large percentage of the requests was lost due to human intervention. Preparing clientbase for outbound dialing based on data retrieved from a banking system took 2 analysts several hours to complete, and had to be done in advance. Moreover, clientbase used to get outdated quickly resulting from a lack of synchronization with a banking system. The system of outbound dialing enabled adding requests to only one static telemarketing list resulting in data overrun. Neither accurate telemarketing statistics nor detailed operator statistics was available.

Using a separate system for recovery also hindered operator performance as they had to study several different programs for a contact centre and switch between them and mail program while performing their tasks.

Organization of work processes at a contact centre called for analysts, IT specialists, and software engineers to be constantly engaged. Various software solutions for every work process failed to ensure the stability of contact centre operation and couldn’t be integrated with one another or a banking system.

The situation called for outbound calling processes to be streamlined by using one software solution, receiving detailed statistics on all types of requests, and increasing contact centre performance. Bank management made a decision to shift contact centre to one multifunctional software solution and optimize its work processes.

Solving the problem:

VoIPTime Contact Center software solution substituted for all the programs for a call centre used by the bank then. From now on all requests are handled with the help of VoIPTime Contact Center.

“Having invited tenders and conducted research into four software solutions, we decided upon VoIPTime Contact Center since we liked the pace of deployment as well as reliability and flexibility of the solution. Also, we were impressed by price/performance ratio inasmuch as VoIPTime offers functionality similar to the Western analogues while the cost of implementation and technical requirements for servers are a lot lower. Integration with a banking system was carried out on the highest level meeting all the requirements for data confidentiality.”

Having analysed work processes of the given contact centre, our specialists devised a scheme for its optimum transfer to VoIPTime Contact Center software solution. In just 2 months our experts added all the features required by the bank, and carried out integration with a banking system.

Together with a professional consultant in the field of contact centre organization, we were able to optimize current work processes. For example, our specialists found ineffective work schemes as well as differences in customer service standards in different bank departments. Also, they solved the problem with the lack of call routing based on operator qualification.

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of our and banking specialists:

  • dynamic call routing system has been built;
  • the logic of handling customer requests has been changed.

SMS messaging has been centralized; arranging autodialer calls to debtors and organising informing systems is now simple with no need to engage software engineers.

Our software solution allows creating any number of telemarketing campaigns with each being configured separately. The analytics of selecting customers for outbound dialing is done quickly and easily by means of filters. The number of lost calls has been reduced owing to the opportunity to order a callback while waiting on-hold.

The problem of controlling the contact centre processes has been fully resolved. Supervisors are given access to the detailed statistical reports on different parameters of contact centre operation. Also, they are offered online monitoring of all contact centre processes. Client cards allow them to assess the quality of operator performance, and prompt them to improve the situation.


  • a contact centre having 80 agent positions has been transferred to VoIPTime Contact Center solution;
  • all contact centre work processes (i.e. inbound/outbound calls, Web-recall, Web chat) are combined in one system;
  • the solution is integrated with a banking system;
  • website requests are submitted by double-clicking; they are instantly handled by a separate group of operators;
  • the efficiency of outbound dialing has risen by 20%;
  • operator workload has reached 80-90%;
  • the queues on line and the percentage of lost calls have been reduced;
  • The analytics of selecting customers for outbound dialing is done in the system of a contact centre in 5 minutes by one agent with the help of filters.


The customer is completely satisfied with the choice of VoIPTime Contact Center inasmuch as they have been provided with technical support in 24/7/365 mode for 3 years and, according to our monitoring system’s data, the period of contact centre downtime during that time lasted only 5 minutes.