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Metal products factory case of VoIPTime Contact Center implementation


a metal products factory which has a plenty of subsidiaries in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Identifying the goal:

Initially, the work of managers was organized with the help of ATE. The process of calling to large potential client bases of the factory was very slow because of the numbers being dialed manually. Also, supervision of managers’ work and the percentage of tasks accomplished was problematic. In addition, no routing between the subsidiaries was configured. The situation called for creating IVR scripts which would allow routing inbound calls to the corresponding departments and subsidiaries.

The client needed:

  • to set up a call centre with the opportunity of remote work from regions;
  • to supervise the process of outbound dialing to potential clients;
  • to receive detailed statistics on calls;
  • to reduce the number of lost calls;
  • to build logic of call routing;
  • to create client cards.

Having no specialists who could choose the equipment and configure software, the management of this factory decided to address our company with the request for a turnkey call centre.

Solving the problem:

A project manager assigned to the customer gave clear guidance on server and telecommunication equipment, and planned the implementation of VoIPTime Contact Center software solution. Our specialists not only installed and configured solution on the customer’s side, but also configured dynamic call routing, and created a complex IVR script on their own based on customer needs.

Now working process at the factory is organised in the following way – factory employees log in the program, take inbound calls, and give advice to potential clients. With VoIPTime Contact Center solution, sales department is able to initiate outbound calls with the intention of offering partnership. The program automatically dials numbers at certain intervals to prevent queueing or operator idle time which contributes to noticeable time savings. Internal calls enable communication between subsidiaries of the factory.

The top manager can see all the statistics on calls, control the performance of every sales manager in real time, and review the time spent conversing with the caller. The opportunity to intervene in the conversation and listen to the recorded conversations is particularly helpful when handing customer’s complaints.


  • 280 workstations have been automated;
  • all factory subsidiaries work at one VoIPTime Contact Center solution via Web-interface;
  • 98% of customers are serviced upon the first request;
  • the costs of calls between the subsidiaries have been reduced due to free internal call service in the system;
  • sales department load has been increased to 80% due to automation of outbound dialing and the use of Predictive mode;
  • complete (100%) monitoring of sales department performance;
  • the quality of counseling has been improved by means of connecting the caller to a more qualified specialist;
  • creating IVR scripts made it possible to configure call routing and immediately connect customers to the appropriate specialists and subsidiaries;


We have been engaged in fruitful collaboration with the factory for 4 years providing its employees with full technical support. All requests for telephony or software solution readjustment are promptly carried out.