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Online games portal case of VoIPTime Contact Center implementation


online casino owner.

Identifying the goal:

Initially, chats were the only means of communication between the Help Desk and gamblers. The online chat system used at that time did not guarantee data confidentiality since chat history was stored on third-party servers. This was particularly important for gamblers inasmuch as their conversation could contain some financial information as well.

Quite often there was a need to call a gambler back so as to clarify some data, which was done manually from the office or mobile phone. Every request of a gambler was connected with huge sums of money, that’s why all their requests in chats as well as calls had to be recorded.

Help Desk director had no tool for neither controlling the process of handling requests submitted by gamblers, nor for listening to the conversations recorded. Moreover, no objective statistics on every Help Desk specialist for analysing their performance was available.

The client decided to set up a contact centre so as to ensure higher quality of support for gamblers. One of the main requirements was ensuring data confidentiality; full data on each gambler has to be made accessible only to a limited circle of Help Desk specialists.

Being previously familiar with the functionality of our software solution, a representative of the client recommended the management to examine it.


  • to delimit the access of employees to the data on gamblers;
  • to save request history of gamblers;
  • to handle inbound/outbound calls, chats, email; mass SMS messaging;
  • to display phrase templates to operators during a chat or phone conversation with the gambler;
  • to create a mechanism for client authorization in a chat;
  • to enable the Help Desk director to prompt the operator if needed;
  • to create a mechanism for filtering data on any client card fields;
  • to display complete statistics on the contact centre.

Solving the problem:

The functionality of VoIPTime Contact Center software solution existing that time met most requirements of the client. Still, additional features had to be added to offer better business logic implementation.

Together with the client, our specialists devised a technical specification on the required integration and functionality rework. Also, a project manager was assigned to give a clear guidance on planning a contact centre infrastructure.


In the course of collaboration, the following goals have been achieved:

  • VoIPTime Contact Center software solution has been installed on the client’s side;
  • 55 workstations have been automated;
  • operator time savings by 60 % due to the use of scripts and full integration with the client’s CRM system;
  • the environment has been organized for the period of rework for cooperative testing of a new functionality;
  • flexible configuration of roles with the access to any program tabs has been introduced;
  • functionality of the internal CRM system as well as more effective mechanism for two-way integration with the client’s CRM system has been developed;
  • web-chat functionality has been improved based on client’s needs (10 new features added).


The process of testing a customized version of VoIPTime Contact Center software solution undertaken by the client is at its final stage. This project triggered the launch of a new version of VoIPTime Contact Center with more extended functionality.