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Online shop case of VoIPTime Contact Center implementation


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Identifying the problem:

A call centre used free software not being integrated with the CRM system. Outbound calls to customers were made in the Preview mode while the process of searching for and entering data into database as well as post-processing of requests was highly time-consuming. Owing to the lack of balanced outbound dialing modes, the period of operator idle time was equal to 20 minutes. Having no tool for scheduling callbacks, operators failed to initiate a callback to a potential customer on time, thus unable to finish the call with a completed sale. Inbound calls were not automatically identified, so the operators spent time on searching the information about their requests.

The client was looking for a contact centre solution allowing them to:

  • handle inbound calls via a hotline;
  • carry out telemarketing campaigns during outbound and inbound calls;
  • enable SMS-informing;
  • enable IVR-informing (Autodialing feature);
  • carry out mail processing.

In addition, the solution had to be integrated with the client’s CRM system so that operators could see all the information on the subscriber’s orders during a call. A further requirement was to ensure smooth operation of the software solution and weekly backup.

Solving the problem:

A manager assigned to the client gave detailed guidance on the program features and equipment requirements. Initially the client decided to rent VoIPTime CC for a trial period with the aim of evaluating operator performance. According to the plan, the trial period had to last two weeks, clientbase capacity was equal to 90000 numbers with 60 operators engaged. In fact, outbound dialing took as few as three days with the operator occupancy of 70%.

By displaying a script of the client’s CRM system in the window, operators can see all the information about the subscriber’s orders during a call. They instantly enter data on new orders into the CRM system, thus greatly simplifying the process of placing orders via the phone.


  • 185 operator workstations have been automated;
  • the efficiency of outbound predictive dialing has risen by 20-30%;
  • outbound dialing has been improved by five times due to the use of the Predictive mode;
  • operator idle time has been significantly reduced;
  • the need to improve the client’s CRM-system has been identified.


Being satisfied with a substantial increase in agent occupancy levels, the client continued our collaboration. According to their calculations, the transfer to VoIPTime Contact Center represents a saving of more than 500 000 UAH a year owing to the reduction of communication costs and optimization of both working hours and operator occupancy. The process of joint development of technical design specification for integration with the client’s CRM system and data base backup is underway.