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Outsourcing call centre case of VoIPTime Contact Center implementation


an outsourced call centre which provides hotline and autoinforming services, makes telephone sales, conducts surveys, etc.

Identifying the goal:

Our partner addressed us with the request for a turnkey call centre. They were interested in multifunctional software solution enabling them to:

  • handle inbound/outbound calls, emails, web chats;
  • ensure consistent operator workload;
  • display the script during a conversation with the subscriber;
  • save client request history;
  • add the necessary fields to a client card;
  • assign several tasks to a group of operators;
  • choose different dialing modes for each telemarketing campaign;
  • give customers guest access to the recorded conversations and the statistics on their own campaign.

The main requirement of the customer was the opportunity to compile and edit scripts and outbound dialing campaigns quickly in order to launch telemarketing projects within the shortest time possible.

What they had at the beginning:

At that point in time the customer rented an office with no personal specialists who could help with the choice of equipment and software.

Solving the problem:

The customer was assigned an experienced project manager who gave helpful advice on:

  • the process of outsourced call center organization;
  • the choice of headsets;
  • spacing workstations;
  • and even on planning their call centre space (i.e. server room and call centre rooms).

Initially, the customer was granted VoIPTime Contact Center Enterprise licenses for 20 operators.

VoIPTime specialists did all work in connection with software implementation, namely:

  • server configuration;
  • installation and full configuration of VoIPTime Contact Center Enterprise;
  • telephony configuration within outsourced call center;
  • inbound and outbound calls testing.

Subsequently, we provided the managers and supervisors with special training in effective use of the software.

The customer addressed us again later with the request for scaling the number of workstations up to 80 and they had that done in no time.


  • despite the lack of specialists on the customer’s side, all the issues have been solved by our experts;
  • a turnkey outsourced call centre was set up within 1 month;
  • the training carried out for managers and supervisors enabled the customer to promptly start call centre operation;
  • scaling of a call centre from 20 to 80 workstations;
  • seamless call centre operation in 24/7 mode during 2 years of collaboration;
  • with VoIPTime Contact Center, the launch of any project at a call centre takes up to 2 business days with no software engineers engaged;
  • current API interface enables on-demand integration with any CRM system of the customer.


VoIPTime company provided the customer with not only software, but also with full instruction on the choice of the equipment, spacing a server room and agent workstations. Convenience of using the software solution as well as the pace of an outsourced call centre launch fully satisfied the customer. Moreover, a tailor-made approach and customer preferences taken into account by our company allowed setting up the call centre we were asked for. Also, a sales contract was signed. For two years now the customer has been accompanied by our specialists ensuring fault-free operation of the software solution.