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TV provider case of VoIPTime Contact Center implementation


digital satellite TV provider in Ukraine.

Describing the goal:

The client addressed us with the request for a turnkey call centre (together with equipment delivery) since they had neither appropriate specialists in their firm nor experience in the choice of server or telecommunication equipment. At that moment, they had only accommodation. The managers were responsible for making a large number of outbound calls to potential clients offering satellite TV services, and taking inbound calls from returning customers. Conversation had to be conducted based on certain scripts displayed to the manager during a call with the opportunity to search for reference data in knowledge bases. During inbound and outbound calls the manager had to see client cards with all the information generated. In addition, during an inbound call the subscriber has to be connected to self service IVR system where they can check their account state or choose to be connected to the corresponding department.

The client specifically requested integration of a call centre system with the billing system enabling the information on the subscriber’s account state and payment history to be displayed to the manager during a call.

Solving the problem:

A project manager assigned to the client gave detailed guidance as to the choice of equipment and planning of the contact centre space. Our company specialists carried out the full implementation, namely:

  • configured server and telecommunication equipment;
  • installed VoIPTime Contact Center software solution;
  • enabled a front-end server for permanent storing of recorded conversations as required by the client.

Additionally, we conducted training for the client’s managers and supervisors on the program.

On the client’s request, our specialists improved the functionality of IVR scripts and pre-installed the appropriate IVR logic. This made it possible to launch customer self-service and reduce the flow of routine requests to a call centre.

Our specialists promptly carried out integration with the billing system of the client and conducted subsequent tests to verify its display as a separate box in the script during a call.

Due to collaboration with the client, the first platform of a call centre for handling inbound calls was built. Also, VoIPTime company acted as a representative of the client in the process of enabling short numbers.


  • a quick launch of a call centre having 120 agent positions;
  • 3 call centre platforms have been created in the course of collaboration;
  • inbound call queue volume has been greatly reduced;
  • the integration of customer self-service (IVR) made it possible to significantly reduce the volume of routine requests handled by operators;
  • operator occupancy has reached 85% due to automated inbound and outbound dialing campaigns as well as the use of Predictive dialing mode;
  • operators’ idle time has been reduced by half;
  • thanks to the functionality of IVR scripts and integration with the billing system, 95% of client requests are being handled upon the first call.


The client is completely satisfied with the call centre. Over time, they addressed us again with the request for creating two more call centre platforms for outbound dialing campaigns which, thanks to the efficient collaboration, was promptly carried out.

The outsourced contact centre, which was involved in some projects with our client, under the pressure of the customer had to admit its software inefficiency and start work with a cloud version of VoIPTime Contact Center software.