Functionality comparison

Asterisk is a proven solution for VoIP ATS (PBX) creation worldwide. Asterisk’s years-long development contributed to its popularization, the rise of new functionality and additional modules, which greatly extend its basic functional capabilities.

VoIPTime is a solution with a single management interface, which enables easy control of Contact Center operations, and has a wide range of functionality for its full and flexible settings. Almost the whole Contact Center functionality is available from the user interface with four main roles, i.e. an administrator, a manager, a supervisor, and an operator.


Remember that Asterisk is the solution created by a community of developers, thus a major part of modules needed for Call Center operations require follow-up study and settings, consultation with the developers (in case of free support), or IT specialist support on a fee paid basis. Considering this, a great advantage of free software evaporates.

Being developed by a joint team, VoIPTime offers 24/7 centralized support and, in addition, has wider software toolset as compared with Asterisk, not to mention a single management interface for the whole functionality. VoIPTime requires minimum follow-up settings to be adapted to business processes of a particular Contact Centre, and is fully adapted for Outsourced Contact Center to provide services to different business clients.

The following articles will consider in depth the advantages of VoIPTime over Asterisk.