voiptime features

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Multichannel request processing
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Universal agent

Creating user roles with different tabsets
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Configuration of roles

Displaying client cards and request history during the conversation
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Incoming ACD

Easy set up of outbound call campaigns
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Making an outbound call via a variety of telephone lines using random distribution of these lines within the group or passing them around
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Dynamic routing

Predictive Dialing from a database of phone numbers in unattended mode
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Predictive Dialer IVR

Easy compilation of IVR scripts
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IVR script Constructor

Chatting with clients via web-chat
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Web chat

Sending and receiving faxes
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Fax messages

Sending and receiving emails
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Mass personalized SMS messaging
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Sending personalized SMS

Automated Web CallBack processing
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Integration with Web CallBack

‘CallBack request’ from IVR or via SMS
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IVR, SMS CallBack

Compiling and editing a blacklist
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Top-priority service of VIP customers, assigning personal operator to VIP customers
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VIP customer service

Scheduling CallBacks to the customers, Automatic CallBack
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Scheduling CallBacks

Debt collection software (for financial institutions)
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Forming groups of operators, setting priorities in a group, assigning several tasks
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Forming groups of operators

Making internal calls within a contact centre
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Internal calls

Communication between operators, supervisors and managers via internal chats
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Internal chats

A user-friendly script constructor with several types of blocks
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Monitoring of the amount of contact centre requests, operator status, etc.
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Online monitoring

Detailed reports on contact centre performance based on different criteria
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Automatic call recording
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Call recording

Evaluation of operator performance based on presetted quality performance charts
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Quality performance charts

Scheduling and approving operator’s working time
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Work Force Management

Your solution provides not enough functionality?

Contact us, provide the details of the functionality you need, and we will settle the terms and price of rework. Please note that rework is possible only in software version VoIPTime Contact Center Mutlichannel.

Does your software system have the API?

VoIPTime Contact Centre system has a developed API interface which enables full two-way integration with your business system.

How do I get the access to the demo version?

The demo version does not have an expiry date. The only restriction is forbidden external calls. In order to get access to the demo version, please fill in the form. You can get acquainted with the functionality of our software solution free of charge.

To set up a call centre (contact centre), you need the following:

  1. plan your contact centre space (i.e. server room, contact centre rooms, arrangement of operator workstations):
    • sound insulation;
    • agent workstations;
    • secure access to the building;
    • kitchen, etc.
  2. choose necessary equipment (server and telecommunication equipment) and software solution;
  3. organize the infrastructure and workspace for your contact centre;
  4. think over air conditioning;
  5. lay cables and SCS;
  6. arrange electric power network and faultless power supply;
  7. configure telephony and local networks;
  8. install and configure the equipment;
  9. install and configure software solution for contact centre;
  10. install workstations, headsets, and PCs;
  11. conduct initial staff training.

Organisation of a call centre must be well-planned and split into stages in order to ensure fault-free scaling of your call/contact centre in the future.