Internal CRM

CRM for your Call Centre

With VoIPTime Contact Center v.2, you get a useful tool for maintaining your own client base. A given CRM functionality is meant for storing and systematizing the information about your clients, thus making it possible to easily and effectively keep records of and analyze client base in one working environment with no third-party systems being involved.

Flexible configuration of client cards

You can add any number of the required fields to client cards, and set up parameters for their display.

Fig. Configuring client cards' fields

Fig. Configuring client cards' fields

The system allows displaying certain fields in the client card only to the users with certain access level, and hiding some of the contacts. For example, operators are able to see only the first/second part of a phone number, email and physical address of the subscriber, or some contact details are completely concealed from them.

Displaying client card and request history

When a request is made, a client card with all the information available on the client as well as request history is displayed to operators. Being allowed to make changes in the fields, the operator can add or change any information in the client card, for instance, add a phone number, write comments on the conversation, etc. A card for a new client is being created in CRM for call center automatically, upon the first interaction.

Fig. Client card with partly concealed contacts.

Fig. Client card with partly concealed contacts.

Dynamic data support for CRM

Data from your CRM system can be pulled to separate subtabs in the client card via the proxy based on dynamic data mechanism. This enables the operator to see and use the latest information on client transactions , their bonuses, etc.

Fig. Configuring dynamic data

Fig. Configuring dynamic data.

Proxy support for external database

You no longer need to continually import data into the system as specially developed synchronization mechanisms allow the data from the external database to be retrieved via the proxy. Now you can automatically import data for outbound dialing and update data, if needed.

Flexible creating filters

VoIPTime Contact Center allows creating filters with different combinations of fields in the client card and fields in external database or CRM for a call crm. Also, you can create filters with the most common configurations, and use them, for instance, when creating telemarketing campaigns.

Fig. Creating filters.

Fig. Creating filters.

VIP customer service

VIP customer service is becoming easier and more efficient! You set a VIP role to the important clients, and assign them personal managers. If the personal manager is not available, a VIP client is connected to an idle agent with the next call being routed to the personal manager. VIP clients are given priority to have their requests handled.


Add unwanted numbers to blacklist and configure your IVR to play a special message to such callers. New numbers can be added to blacklist by operators during an incoming call with the reason defined. Blacklist is managed by the user with the appropriate access, who can add or delete numbers, listen to the conversations during which the client was blacklisted. In addition, this user can add numbers to telemarketer blacklist.

Fig. Managing blacklist

Fig. Managing blacklist.

When adding phone numbers to outbound dialing list ("Add all"), these numbers are checked to see if they are blacklisted.

Fig. Checking phone numbers against blacklist when creating telemarketing campaigns

Fig. Checking phone numbers against blacklist when creating telemarketing campaigns

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