IVR system

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - voice self-service system

Integrating IVR will enable you to provide quality service and significantly reduce contact centre costs. Your operators will no longer need to handle routine requests (i.e. account statement requests or requests for your order status), they will process more complex and important requests instead. An IVR system gives customers a self-service option instead of waiting for an agent.

Set up IVR quickly and easily

The process of setting up IVR of any complexity is intuitive, thus does not call for technical specialist engagement. Think over the script logic and generate an IVR script from the components. Add new options in a matter of seconds, and your self-service system will meet the needs of every customer.

Fig. Setting up Inbound IVR

Fig. Setting up Inbound IVR

Identify caller upon their request

VoIPTime Contact Center enables identifying a caller based on the data generated in the external CRM and provide them with personalized customer service. This will help to significantly reduce average call handling time since agents are fully informed on the customers.

Provide Callback service

Provide Callback service to the customers who prefer Callback to being placed on hold. This will improve customer service and ensure that all requests are handled.

Automate request processing

Implement modern technologies for starting telephone banking, order confirmation, feedback analysis, reminder systems, polling surveys, etc. Ensure quality service even during non-working hours. Use automated IVR campaigns for those tasks, where it isn't necessary to engage operators. If it is needed, the customer could be routed to the operators group after the playback of information file.

Use language synthesis

VoIPTime Contact Center allows not only to play a recording but also to convert a written text into spoken words using Yandex SpeechKit Cloud technology, thus greatly simplifying the process of customer service in banks, online shops, taxi services, etc.

Fig. IVR Statistics with language synthesis.

Fig. IVR Statistics with language synthesis.

Review detailed statistics

Obtain detailed statistics on customer's connection with the IVR system and evaluate the frequency of options selected in the menu, call abandonment. This will make it possible to analyze the convenience and consistency of an IVR script and, as a result, increase customer satisfaction.

Fig. IVR statistics.

Fig. IVR statistics.

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