Outbound call center

Outbound (telemarketing, outbound dialing campaigns) - making mass outbound calls based on client base

Is your contact centre operated to handle mainly outbound calls (acts as an outbound call centre)? Do your agents make sales calls to potential or existing clients of the company or make collection calls? If your answer is 'yes', then you will definitely need a call monitoring software feature and the possibility to get complete statistics on all outbound calling efforts.

Improve operator efficiency

VoIPTime Contact Center v.2 enables making outbound calls to client base with maximum quality and the least operator idle time. As requests are being dialed automatically and operators are connected only to 'live' subscribers, their workday achieves maximum efficiency. In case of failed outbound calling effort, the system initiates a callback at preset intervals. Operators spend three times more on talking rather than on manually dialing numbers.

Easy and flexible configuration of outbound dialing campaigns

Telemarketing campaigns are configured and launched by one specialist in 15 minutes, as this process requires inserting the most important parameters only.

Fig. The first step to configuring a telemarketing campaign

Fig. The first step to configuring a telemarketing campaign.

With telemarketing auto dialer making marketing calls on certain days or hours, you can initiate dialing process with no human intervention.

Use a powerful analytical module

An analytical module developed by us enables you to save time on selecting requests to be handled as well as continuous loading of data. With a convenient filtering system, you can configure the required set of criteria from a client card and external CRM system, and retrieve routing data from your CRM system. Also, you can filter your base according to their processing status after outbound dialing is finished. This will, for example, allow you to select and delete successfully handled requests from the dialing list, and restart telemarketing campaign again for the best processing of unsuccessful requests.

Fig. Analytical module of telemarketing

Fig. Analytical module of telemarketing.

Optimize outbound dialing to large client base

A specially-devised formula for the Predictive mode calculates the dialing rate based on average call duration, the time spent on post-processing of requests failed, and percentage of contacts gained vs lost, etc. The system automatically predicts the time when the agent is idle, and makes a call when no agents are actually available in the required statuses. This dialing mode enables effective outbound dialing to large "cold" client base with a small number of agents involved
(˃ 6 agents).

Fig. Configuring the speed of the dialing in the Predictive mode.

Fig. Configuring the speed of the dialing in the Predictive mode.

Use different dialing modes

The dialing modes offered by us allow you to fulfil all your business goals. By using Predictive, Progressive, or Preview dialing modes, you can speed up the dialing process or preview client cards before the call is launched.

Arrange dialing based on failed attempts

VoIPTime Contact Center enables you to arrange redialing based on failed attempts depending on the status of the previous dialing effort. You no longer lose your contacts, as the number is dialed automatically by the system at predefined time intervals. When the attempt is successful, the customer is being connected to available agent.

Fig. Arranging a callback based on failed attempts.

Fig. Arranging a callback based on failed attempts.

Create endless telemarketing

Endless telemarketing makes it possible to greatly optimize performance by importing requests to be handled via API. You no longer need to continually monitor a telemarketing call to finish in order to initiate it again.

Process new requests first

Handle requests in LIFO order if your business process calls for handling new requests in the first place. By doing this, a call to 'hot' customers will be initiated immediately after the request received.

Analyze all outbound dialing efforts made

All outbound dialing efforts are being recorded into telemarketing statistics, and are available for further analysis.

Fig. Telemarketing statistics.

Fig. Telemarketing statistics.

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