Sending personalized SMS

Sending personalized SMS

Take best advantage of a useful service and send SMS messages to all the clients from your base. This functionality is exceptionally useful in case of promotions, loyalty program maintenance, dealing with debtors, as well as order confirmation or booking for accomodation.

Quickly and easily create campaigns for mass SMS messaging, or send messages following the interaction with the client if needed. Add data from the client's card to the message template and send personalized SMS messages to every subscriber.

How to create SMS messaging campaign:


Integration with GMSU Global and BAREX providers ensures high quality text message delivery and conformity with all the norms, supporting defined business hours in particular. Thus, your clients won't be disturbed by late night text messages on behalf of your company.

Sending SMS messages following the interaction is set up while compiling scripts based on data structures and triggers.

How to set the trigger for SMS message:


How to create SMS message template:


VoIPTime Contact Center solution shows all the statistics on the SMS messages sent making it possible to analyse the status of the messages delivered and to see the number of parts the message was split into.

Statistics on the SMS messages sent:


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