Integration with the site

Integration with the site

Call your customers back in less than 10 seconds

Reduce the human impact on processing requests made on the site. Upon receiving a request, the system will promptly call a site visitor back and the call will be routed to an idle operator. Meanwhile, the client could fill in any form on the site (i.e. a callback request, service order form, etc.). This will allow you to give the customer appropriate consultation just at the right time when he still remains interested. Moreover, a newly-created client card with all the data inserted by the client in the form as well as a script will be displayed to the agent. In case the client made an earlier request, existing card will be retrieved then.

Don't waste your time waiting on-hold

Your operators no longer need to waste their working time waiting on-hold if customer's line is busy or give him manual callback since VoIPTime Contact Center promptly initiates the connection of the operator with the 'live' customer. In case of failed callback, the system redials the customer based on presetted processor.

Forget about 'lost contacts'

Since data transfer into the system, callback, and creating client cards is being executed automatically in the shortest time possible, this process is not influenced by the human factor. You no longer need to manually distribute requests between the agents and check whether they were handled in time. Being able to create a callback during the conversation, the operator can continue communicating with the customer at a time convenient to him, and finish sales process.


Join in active operator conversation in the appropriate mode (i.e. the incognito mode, prompting mode, conference mode) and in case of problematic situation, prompt the operator to keep the conversation going. Take advantage of the conversations recorded for further evaluation of operator performance or addressing controversial issues.

Obtain detailed statistics

You will be able to analyse detailed statistics based on Web Callback displaying all the callback requests received, client's name and his phone number, the name of the operator handling a callback, its processing status, callback efforts on this request, the person being first to abandon the call, etc.

Import call results into your own CRM system

Thanks to API integration, VoIPTime Contact Center will transfer the data gathered on the customer and call results into your CRM system where this information can be further processed.

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