VoIPTime Contact Center package comparison

Inbound ACD processing
Telemarketing processing
Outbound dialing modes (i.e. Preview, Progressive, Predictive)
Web Chat
Mass texting
Email, Fax
Callback request (IVR, SMS Callback)
Work Force Management
Work Flow (automatic events)
Quality performance charts
Automatic database redundancy and recovery
Automatic software update
Availability of your personal server
User license
Server license

Demo Version

Does the demo version have
an expiry date and reduced functionality?
How do I get the access
to the demo version?
Can the demo version be used
for Contact Centre operation?

The purchase of VoIPTime

How do I purchase your software?
How can I calculate the number
of licenses I need for a server?
What is the cost of the software

The use of VoIPTime

Do you ensure
data confidentiality?
Can we review the tech support
operating procedures document?
How do I get additional licenses?