Education and masterclasses

We will be glad to provide you with open access to the demo version and acquaint you with it prior to the very purchase. On Features page you can review all the features of VoIPTime Contact Center in advance, and ask us any questions that you’ve got. We will fully answer all of them!

Prior to the start of collaboration:

Your employees can get acquainted with the software prior to the purchase and free of charge. The access to the demo version allows some of your employees to log in simultaneously under the users with different roles (e.g. an operator, a manager, and a supervisor), and thoroughly review the functionality.

Have you got any questions concerning the use of our software solution?

Initial staff training
Even though the interface of the software is intuitive, we undertake to teach newcomers how to work most effectively with the program. This training is carried out at the stage of launching a contact centre. Also, we provide full instruction on using the software (in PDF format). So, you will be able to effectively use all the features of our software solution.

Seminars and workshops (for current customers)
We will analyse the problems you are currently confronted by, and will suggest how to resolve them by means of using VoIPTime Contact Center. Our experienced project managers will conduct a seminar or a workshop with the intention of studying the mistakes you have made and suggesting the ways of correcting these mistakes. Sample seminar topics are as follows:

  • too light operator workload;
  • optimization of dialing pace;
  • building logic for call processing by operators;
  • specifics of the work contact centre supervisors and managers at VoIPTime CC do, etc.

Training can be carried out on-site, or by skype at your convenience. Your employees will be able to ask questions and receive professional advice.

Webinars for potential customers
We are launching a series of webinars aimed to show the ways of using VoIPTime Contact Center for optimization of your business processes.

Monitor our free webinars on the Internet, or make a request for either remote or on-site individual extra training. Discover how to get the most out of your VoIPTime Contact Center solution, i.e. how to increase the effectiveness of your contact centre, optimize operator workload, increase time savings and optimize business processes of a contact centre.

Please find more information in our webinars

Webinar “How to use the site as a sales tool in contact center”

This video gives you the information about main requests processing issues connected to the sites. Find out how to be a successful problem solver with the help of VoIPTime software product.

Webinar “How to reach the highest outbound proficiency”

In this video we speak about telemarketing, technology, surveys, and collection via call center. You learn how to analyze the data and improve the performance.

We know everything about contact centres, thus will be glad to share our knowledge with you!