FAQ - frequently asked questions

Cloud-based Contact Centre:

What is the difference between the Cloud-based Contact Centre functionality and the Contact Centre SaaS functionality?
You can benefit from fully featured VoIPTime Contact Center SaaS solution in the cloud.
In case of purchase, you can choose one of the three versions having similar functionality.
How do I calculate the number of user licenses?
To calculate the number of user licenses required, add the number of operators, supervisors and managers working concurrently with VoIPTime Contact Centre solution. For instance, if 10 operators, 1 supervisor and 1 manager work on one shift, you need 12 user licenses to work with our solution.
How do I order additional user licenses / reduce the number of licenses if I work in the cloud?
To order additional licenses, please contact us via email at info@voiptime.net or at email of your personal manager, and indicate the number of licenses and license activation date required. We will activate them within 20 minutes.
What do I need to get started with VoIPTime SaaS?
All you need is a computer using any OS and having Firefox Web-browser, a standard headset and a SIP hardphone or softphone.
To get started with VoIPTime Contact Centre, open your browser and type in a web address (URL) of your contact centre server. Enter your login and password given by HelpDesk in the corresponding login and password fields.
Do you offer any training on how to work with your solution?
We carry out free initial training on how to work with VoIPTime Contact Centre and provide a detailed guidance on using this solution. In case you have any questions as to the use of this program in the future, contact the HelpDesk and we will definitely help you.
How quickly can I start working in the cloud?
Initial customized VoIPTime SaaS settings take up to 2 days.
What does the initial training involve?
Prior to the launch of VoIPTime Saas, we are committed to:
  • set up a contact centre;
  • configure client's SIP lines in the program;
  • configure inbound and outbound calls;
  • create users;
  • provide users with the access via IP address or over a VPN connection;
  • configure dynamic routing if needed;
  • create the appropriate number of internal numbers for the staff;
  • conduct initial training and introduce the functionality.


What version of VoIPTime Contact Centre solution should I choose?
Describe your needs , the goals to be fulfilled, and we will offer the most appropriate solution. Contact us through your preferred communication channel, i.e. by email, phone or chat.
Do you provide any guidance on the choice of server and telecommunication equipment for a contact centre?
We are commited to give you professional guidance and choose the optimum server and telecommunication equipment. The decision on the right equipment is based on the current contact centre capacity as well as planned contact centre scaling. Thus, it is not necessary to instantly purchase new equipment in case of increasing the number of operators.
Do I need to purchase VoIPTime Contact Centre licenses annually?
You can purchase either annual VoIPTime licenses and extend them yearly, or permanent licenses and make a one time payment. Anyway, the purchase of VoIPTime Contact Centre is a worthwhile investment in your business.
Do I need to install VoIPTime Contact Centre solution on my server by myself?
You don't need to install VoIPTime Contact Centre solution on the server by yourself. Our technical specialists will install it on your equipment, introduce necessary configurations based on your needs, and test it. The launch of a contact centre will be successful.
Do you offer any technical support? Is it free or paid?
We offer high-quality technical support in 12/5 or 24/7 mode and continuously support our clients. Should you have any questions regarding the use of our software solution, please contact us and we will be glad to help you. You can conclude a maintenance agreement with us or pay for each support request.
Do you need a specific feature in the solution?
Contact us, provide the details of the functionality you need, and we will settle the terms and price of rework.

Turnkey Contact Centre:

What services do you offer upon creating a turnkey contact center?
This service involves the following:
  • advice on planning contact centre space (i.e. server room, contact centre rooms, arrangement of operator workstations);
  • advice on choice of necessary equipment;
  • organizing the infrastructure and workspace for your contact centre;
  • airconditioning;
  • laying cables and SCS;
  • arranging electric power network and faultless power supply;
  • configuring telephony and local networks;
  • installing and configuring the equipment;
  • installing and configuring VoIPTime Contact Centre software solution (to ensure effective customer service and database performance);
  • installing workstations, headsets, and PCs;
  • conducting initial staff training;
  • conducting supervisor training in specifics of the contact centre operation based on your needs;
  • subsequent technical support and advice under the terms of the agreement;
  • any other additional services which you need.
What is the average cost of a turnkey contact centre?
The cost of turnkey contact centre service is estimated individually upon request depending on the services required, availability of server and telecommunication equipment on the client's side and appropriate version of VoIPTime Contact Centre solution, the number of user licenses, etc. To receive the most accurate estimate, please send us a technical design specification with the detailed description of the services needed, and we will give you advice and formulate a business proposal.