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Cloud call center is a flexible environment with the software configured to ensure flawless 24/7 communication with the customers with no need to buy any equipment. All you need is a computer, a standard headset, a SIP hardphone or softphone, and the access to the Internet!

VoIPTime SaaS offers:

Incoming ACD processing

You can display scripts, client cards and request history during the conversation.

Convenient outbound telemarketing campaigns

Create outbound dialing campaigns and handle requests by operators (Predictive, Progressive, Preview).

Work Flow

Use automatic events for optimization of the daily campaign preparation actions

Predictive Dialer IVR

Quickly and properly inform your customers about promotions, conduct surveys, and assess the quality of service using IVR campaigns.

Built-in web chats

Offer quality service to the customers who contact you via web chat or create your own chat with them.

Mass SMS messaging

Send mass personalized SMS messages to your customers, and get the detailed statistics on their status.


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Contact Centre On Rent

reasons to choose the service

Forget about continuous purchase and updating of your software.

Right now you have 10 operators but next month you are going to have 100 operators. With the SaaS, you can scale up quickly and effortlessly.

Want to chat with the customers using all available communication channels? The required functionality is already configured!

You have a wealth of information to be moved to the remote call center. Get full integration.

Want everything go your way? Not every service can adjust to your format. Сall center rent allows you to get the necessary flexibility with minimal upfront costs.

Your primary goal is to decrease the number of abandoned calls! With us, you can quickly and easily set up the system!


of our product

Up and running
in 2 days!

VoIPTime professionals will fully configure the software within 2 business days. They will provide you with further technical support as well. 9 years of experience help us not only solve various problems, but also prevent them.

5 hours
of technical support per month

Apart from providing standard technical support services, we offer the head of a contact center a free start consultation (it is included in 5 hours). Benefit from our consultations, and stay trendy!

100% flexibility
and no restrictions!

With VoIPTime call center SaaS, you get any number of user licenses and can scale up or scale down if needed. Scaling of your contact center will by no means affect its performance taking up only a few days!

Flexible tariffs
for 10+ licenses

With us, software leasing is a substantial saving on any software package. Discover the benefits of VoIPTime for inhouse and remote call centers: get started with minimum expenses, receive support in the required mode 8/5 or 24/7, get additional discounts for prepayments for six months or a year.

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