Technical support

Whatever VoIPTime Contact Centre software package you have chosen, either Cloud-based contact centre solution, the purchase of software solution, or setting up a turnkey contact centre, we will accompany you throughout the entire life cycle of your solution. Our qualified specialists will provide you with full technical support to resolve issues related to:

  • the need to change settings in the system;
  • creating/deleting users;
  • the need to enable/disable a line;
  • the problem with initiating inbound/outbound calls;
  • lost access to the system;
  • the need to update the system.

Should you have any questions as to VoIPTime Contact Centre solution, please feel free to contact us; our support specialists will be glad to help you at any time.

All service packages include initial training for working with VoIPTime Contact Centre, as well as the following technical support options:

Cloud-based CC VoIPTime SaaS

You don’t need to waste your time on the equipment maintenance any longer; the resolution of any technical failures in equipment operation rests with us, and is included in the service charge. Monthly fee for leasing a contact centre additionally includes 5-hour technical support as to the use of our software solution.

Buying and implementing VoIPTime Contact Center solution

Under the terms of an individually drawn up service agreement, we undertake to make all the settings needed to launch a contact centre while our specialists are always ready to provide you with the additional consultation on your contact centre operation. Besides, you are offered a range of support options, including 24/7 help.

Turnkey contact centre

You can select any tech support mode and sign a service agreement. If such an agreement hasn’t been signed with you, we are ready to offer technical support charging “per man hour”.

Our aim is to ensure fault-free operation of your contact centre which would perform its functions efficiently. Accordingly, we are always open to your questions or enquiries, and will be glad to provide you with any support so that VoIPTime Contact Center solution, which you have chosen, could satisfy all your needs.

Submit a request

Service requests are submitted via the HelpDesk system allowing to prioritize tasks and specify the time of support.
Operating procedures of technical support can be downloaded for informational purposes.