What’s new in VoIPTime Contact Centre v.2.1.2:

marker Web chats:

marker Flexible configuration of roles.

marker CRM dynamic fields support.

marker Proxy support for external databases.

marker Creating filters with different combinations of client card’s fields and external database.

marker Adding, editing and deleting commentaries in client cards.

marker Adding users with the operator role via manager console.

marker “Language synthesis” IVR component.

marker Endless telemarketing campaigns and LIFO processing (Last in, First out).

marker The opportunity to schedule callback in hh:mm:ss format in the processor.

marker SMS logic updated in accordance with recommendations of GMSU and BAREX providers.

marker Assigning a unique NOT_READY sub status to different groups of operators.

marker New API-interface.

marker EventDispatcher service for processing and forming events in the required form.

marker Updated HTML5 notification of the upcoming callback to the client (with the opportunity to open tabs with all the callbacks and highlight the chosen one).

marker The opportunity to assign each operator a group of different priorities for each specific task.

marker The opportunity to modify phone numbers by using dynamic routing.

marker Optimized system resource usage.